SICSIC reveals Iron Man and Master Chief


Haven Conn, BGSU Marketing and Brand Strategy

SICSIC’s Nia Butts and Joshua Auten revealed in 2023.

Laura Sandlin, Reporter

SICSIC’s Master Chief and Iron Man’s three-year secret came to an end on Feb. 25 when Nia Butts was revealed as Master Chief and Iron Man was revealed as Joshua Auten.

The creation of SICSIC started 77 years ago when former BGSU President Frank Prout made six students swear to keep the secret of being a SICSIC member. 

Members of SICSIC must remain anonymous from the time that they are pledged to the group during their freshman year until they are revealed during their senior year.

Nia Butts shared that being a SICSIC member has meant the world to her and that while at times her experience felt unreal, sometimes keeping the secret was a struggle.

“Being involved with the BGSU women’s rugby team was very demanding. Not being able to tell the coaches, captains or my teammates made it hard for me to get creative when I had to miss games or practices. Not to mention living with three roommates and having a girlfriend I spend a lot of time with…it gets hard lying to the people that are so close to you,” said Butts.

Butts reflected on her experiences and how she has created memories with the people at BGSU throughout the COVID-19 experience. 

“My favorite moment as Master Chief would be this year’s ‘Ice-to-Meet-You’ event. Meeting first-year students for the first time when the group wasn’t affected by COVID was so surreal. I loved introducing the students to such an amazing group,” Butts said. “A student came up to me at this same event and gave me a hug telling me that they loved SICSIC and what we are about.”

Joshua Auten shared a similar experience. He states that being a SICSIC member was the most incredible experience and that after three years, he couldn’t believe that he finally got to share his secret.

“To be surrounded by the people that you love and that have supported you so much, this has just put me in so much awe,” said Auten.