Spring break plans could halt due to upcoming weather


Falcon Media Staff

For students looking to fly out of Ohio for their Spring Break, there could possibly be some problems to be aware of and watch for on Friday. 

An aircraft is rarely affected by rain; however, when thunderstorms and heavy winds accompany the rain, planes tend to be hesitant to fly, according to FLYING Magazine

However, whether a plane will be grounded due to snow relies on how well the flight facilities remove the snow from the runways, FLYING Magazine says. 

The National Weather Service reports there is a 100% chance of rain, mixed with snow, happening after 1 p.m. with wind gusts happening throughout the day on Friday, March 3. 

In the evening, there are reports of temperatures dropping to 29 degrees Fahrenheit and an 80% chance of rain and snow right before 1 a.m.

On Saturday, March 4, the National Weather Service says temperatures will be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with snow and rain in the morning, before 7 a.m. 

Saturday evening will be mostly cloudy but no rain is present on the radar, according to the National Weather Service.