From Israel to Bowling Green

Swim/Dive’s Inbar Mark discusses life in Israel and why she chose BGSU

Da'Ria Cottrell

Da'Ria Cottrell, Sports Reporter

BGSU senior Inbar Mark is a student athlete that grew up in another country and came to the United States for schooling and collegiate swimming.  

From growing up in Meitar, Israel, to why she chose BGSU Swim/Dive and what’s next for her after college, Inbar Mark’s story is one of unique circumstances. 

Mark says life in Israel is vastly different from life in the U.S. She enjoys America, but Israel will always be home to her.  

“Life was definitely different. The culture’s different and the weather’s different. It is really warm and really nice,” said Mark. “I grew up in a really small town and here, you would not count it as a town. I loved it. I really like Israel and I also enjoy the U.S., but I really like home.” 

In terms of the differences between Israel and the U.S., there are many. However, in regard to her decision to swim, Mark believes swimming was the safest option for her since she is a very clumsy person. 

Plus, she always loved the water.  

“I am very clumsy. I needed something to manage me, help me to relax and have fun. I did not want to get injured, like basketball is too dangerous for me,” said Mark. “We felt like swimming was the safest sport for me. Also, I always liked the water. I liked the feeling, sound and every other aspect of it.” 

Mark believed BGSU was the best option for her because it allowed her to feel at home. Plus, BGSU offered both her dream education as well as her sport. She did not want to choose one over the other because both held equal importance to her. 

“When you make a big move from different countries, you want to go to a place that will make you feel at home,” said Mark. “It was the only way for me to get a degree and keep swimming. I knew that if I did not come to a college in the U.S., I would probably have to quit swim or swim and not have a degree. I wanted to have both.”  

When it comes to her plans post-graduation, Mark plans to come back to the U.S. to do an internship in the field of physical therapy for a year, then go back home to work in Israel. 

“My plan is to come back here to do opt. I want to work in a physical therapy clinic to do some internship for about eight months to one year,” said Mark. “Then, I plan to go back home and keep my degree at home.”  

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