OPINION: Should you join the BGSU graduate school?


Falcon Media Staff

Image of the BGSU Seal on campus

Cassidy Shankar, BGSU Graduate Student

Are you a current graduate student? Are you thinking about graduate school? Are you interested in helping others on campus? Then Bowling Green State University’s graduate programs, graduate assistantships, and teacher’s assistant positions are here for you! 

Your voice matters and supporting fellow classmates is what makes BGSU a home. 

BGSU has 17 doctoral and 55 master’s degrees with nearly 3,000 graduate students. Whether you are looking for an in-person degree or an online program, expanding your time at BGSU, or searching for a new opportunity, BGSU welcomes everyone!   

The current Graduate Student Senate President, Amanda Taylor, has been working to further grow and strengthen the BGSU community through the Graduate Student Senate’s priorities:

  1. active listening
  2. diversity, equity and inclusion 
  3. community engagement

Participating in university committees and councils, programming events for graduate students, and professional development opportunities are just a few ways that Graduate Student Senate reaches out to enhance college experiences. 

This 2022-2023 academic year involved GSS “implementing a Creative Expression Contest into the Charles E. Shanklin Graduate Student Awards Colloquium, actively hosting over 12 events at BGSU, and advocating for graduate student initiatives to make the graduate student experience a better one,” according to Taylor.      

Graduate Student Senate goes above and beyond to support graduate students. Nick Malendowski (the Vice President of GSS) explains that “graduate students may apply at the beginning of each semester for funding with conferences, membership association fees, and other professional development opportunities.” 

There is also the GSS Regalia Award, which Malendowski describes as being used to “support graduate students who may need help covering the cost of renting regalia (for Doctoral students) or purchasing regalia (for Master’s students).”

 Not only are there funding opportunities through awards, but BGSU’s Graduate Assistantships and Teacher’s Assistant positions support students financially and allow undergraduate students to connect with graduate students.   

You are capable of achieving your goals and obtaining a graduate degree! 

If you are interested in learning more about graduate programs at Bowling Green State University, please visit https://www.bgsu.edu/graduate/graduate-programs.html

Be on the lookout for new special additions coming soon from Graduate Student Senate! If you have any suggestions or ideas, contact Graduate Student Senate at [email protected]

BGSU welcomes your brilliant, amazing, and innovative mind!