BGSU’s first annual Norwegian Foot March


Megan Stibley

BGSU’s first annual Norwegian Foot March

Megan Stibley, Reporter

The BGSU Ranger Club hosted its first annual Norwegian Foot March on March 25. 

The Norwegian Foot March was first held in 1915 as a test of endurance for soldiers in the Norwegian Military. The test consists of marching 18.6 miles while carrying a rucksack weighing at least 24 lbs. 

Nils Johansen, a Retired Norwegian Reserve Officer, is the originator and sponsor for the march. He came out to the event in Bowling Green and awarded anyone who accomplished the test with a badge.

“I’ve been doing this event for 25 years,” Johansen said. “It’s really a military thing because all you’re doing is put on the pack, walk for 18.6 miles and do it again the next day. That’s the idea.”

The event consisted of military and non-military people alike from BGSU, University of Toledo, Wright State University, Lexington, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

James McClung, a senior in the BGSU Army ROTC program, enjoyed the diverse community.

“The first nine miles I ran most of it by myself, so I was pretty bored. Then I met a couple of guys from Wright State and the way back was a lot more enjoyable because I had people to talk to,” McClung said. “I’m going to do it six times sometime in my career so I can get the gold one.”

Ranger Club is new to the university and is a club sport that military and non-military students alike can participate in. Cole Hosterman, the president of Ranger Club, thinks this was a perfect event to represent the university well and get the name of Ranger Club out there.

“This event embodies what ranger club is. It’s coming out, doing things that are hard, mentally and physically challenging,” Hosterman said. “ I think it’s an awesome event to kick off Ranger Club and get like-minded people involved.”

Second Lieutenant Morgan Wityk, who helped run the event, hopes it will help with recruitment for BGSU, ROTC and Ranger Club.