A tradition unlike any other: A Falcon at “The Masters”

Sean Connelly, Sports Reporter, Falcon Media Sports Network

There are many venues in the world that every sports fan needs to see: Churchill Downs in Kentucky, the Rose Bowl in California, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Wrigley Field in Chicago.

But there’s one that sticks out from the rest of those.

The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia.  

I had the privilege to take a stroll through the hallowed grounds and see many iconic holes, try their legendary food, and hear the roars from the crowds behind me.

As I walked through the gates at Augusta National Golf Club, I saw how the grass was cut perfect, the flowers were prettier, the trees were placed perfectly.

It was life at its finest.  

My first endeavor was at the practice range and greens. And when I tell you just that alone was better than any course in the area, I’m not lying.

I then made my way over to the first hole, prepared to walk these fabled grounds.  

Over the years when watching that honorary first drive by Jack Nicklaus on Thursday morning, I always said to myself: Where did that ball go” and when I saw hole one in person, now I understood why.

Hole one is as steep as any hole can get. You could truly take a sled and go sledding down it. 

I then made my way around the course, seeing the course in order and walking it like how the pros do was really cool.

I then made my way to the legendary concession stand right off of Amen’s Corner. I tried the barbecue sandwich and the pimento cheese. Both were amazing.

And the best part? It cost me $4.50.  

I’m now at Amen’s Corner, arguably the three hardest holes in golf, and now I knew why.

On hole 11, with water to the side and back of the green, you have to hit your shot perfect.

Hole 12 was my favorite hole on the course. The legendary par three has played victim to so many golfers like Jordan Spieth back in ‘16 and Rory Mcllory back in ‘11.

TV does not do it justice for how intimidating Rae’s Creek can truly be. And Rae’s Creek leads into hole 13, a hole that was moved back 35 yards just this year. It was the most beautiful on the course by far.  

When I approached hole 16, I said the wise words from Verne Lundquist- 

Oh my goodness”

I was in pure shock because of how cool the hole was and if you blocked off the noise surrounding you, you could still hear the roars amongst you from Tiger Woods’ chip-in back in 2005.

I left that hole saying In my life have I seen anything like that?”

No, I haven’t! 

On hole 18 when you step behind the tee box, it was even more narrow than any picture and broadcast can truly show.

I mentioned to my dad, Imagine being up one shot on Sunday with this in front of you.”

Even I got nervous just saying it.  

As the day ended, you walk in the same way you walk out, so I passed the practice area once again, and right in front of me sinking putts was the eventual winner of the tournament in Jon Rahm. He was the closest golfer I got to that day.  

Being able to experience this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was grateful enough to do it with my Dad.  

My Dad has had a few friends that have gone and they told me, You’re going to love it,” and I would ask them to tell me about their experience and every one of them said, Words can’t describe anyone’s experience.”

I always left that conversation saying in my head how can you not describe it. Once leaving the legendary course I knew exactly what they meant:

Words, pictures, and TV can’t do the place justice for how beautiful and peaceful it truly was.