Applebee’s approved for Bowling Green location


Photo courtesy of Blake Pierce

Makenna Flores and Blake Pierce

Update April 12, 2023:

Restaurant chain Applebee’s was approved for a zoning variance and can begin construction at 1175 S. Main St., near The Home Depot at the City of Bowling Green Zoning Board of Appeals meeting Wednesday, April 12.


The zoning variance requested to allow the construction of Applebee’s. The approval will allow for the construction of a building that will encroach 15.5 feet into the 20 foot requirement for a rear yard. Variances also include parking that would encroach 1 foot into the 5 foot required setback to the north. 


The request was made by Matt Lewandowski on behalf of Lewandowski Engineers.


“I mentioned Applebee’s coming to Bowling Green to a clerk downstairs and he laughed,” said Lewandowski to the board members. “I told another engineer in the building and he and his girlfriend also laughed at me.”


Chain restaurant Applebee’s is in talks of possibly joining Bowling Green’s list of food places in town. 

A variance has been requested and will be discussed during the Bowling Green Zoning Board of Appeals’ meeting on April 12 at 7 p.m. 

The restaurant is looking to be built at 1175 S. Main St. near Home Depot. Matt Lewandowski of Lewandowski Engineers has requested the variance. 

According to the request proposed to the Zoning Board of Appeals on March 27, it is to “accommodate Applebee’s corporate footprint on this site that has a limited building envelope.” 

Lewandowski is requesting 15.5 feet of the rear yard setback for the proposed building. He is also requesting a one foot waiver of required five foot parking setback and a parking count variance of from 59 spaces required to 52 spaces provided. 

BG City Councilperson Nick Rubando has been contacted for comments but Falcon Media has not received a response.