UPDATED: Group expresses support for BGSU student charged in spray painting at Bowling Green Pregnancy Center

A BGSU student was charged under the FACE Act for spray painting the HerChoice building in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Bowling Green Pregnancy Center

A BGSU student was charged under the FACE Act for spray painting the HerChoice building in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Andrew Kish, Falcon Media

UPDATED July 12, 2023

The Bowling Green Student Rights Union student group made post July 11 on their Instagram channel (@_bgsru_) seeking support for Soren Monroe. The multi-screen statement is labeled as a “public statement” “created and posted by friends of Soren.” and encourages readers to read the entire post. BGSRU added this comment after the post: “The Bowling Green Student Rights Union does not condone the use of vandalism but stands in solidarity with activists who choose to use non-violent disobedience as a form of protest.”

UPDATED July 6, 2023

A Bowling Green State University student faces federal misdemeanor charges in connection with the April 15 spray painting of the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center, also known as Her Choice.

United States Attorney Rebecca C. Lutzko, Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Dobson, and Bowling Green Police Chief Tony Hetrick announced the charge under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act against Whitney M. Durant, a.k.a. Soren Monroe, age 20.

Monroe is listed on the University’s Presence platform for student organizations as the contact for the Bowling Green Student Rights Union, which is described as “Leftist student activism organization that will be taking direct action to make change on campus for causes we care about (e.g. workers’ rights, environmentally friendly practices, etc.).” On April 13, Monroe sent an email to Falcon Media identifying themself as a steering committee member for Bowling Green Socialists, another student organization.

The FACE Act prohibits a person from intentionally damaging or destroying the property of a facility because that facility provides reproductive health services.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Angelita Cruz Bridges and Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson, who is also a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Durant faces a maximum of one year in prison if convicted.

UPDATED May 5, 2023

The investigation into the spray painting of the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center is ongoing, according to Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Dobson and the Bowling Green Police Department.

The investigation of the incident at the center, also known as Her Choice, involves the Bowling Green Police Department, the prosecutor’s office and federal investigators.

“The investigators have developed some significant leads which are being pursued and we think will ultimately be fruitful,” said Bowling Green Police Chief Tony Hetrick. “However, there still remains work to be done before any decisions can be made. We are still interested in any information we can obtain from the public.”

No decision has been made on whether charges will be filed and Dobson said he will make that determination once all evidence and information are collected. If charges are filed, it is unclear if the case will be handled at the state or federal level.

“We appreciate the cooperative effort of the Bowling Green City Police and the FBI,” said Dobson. “We remain in regular communication with the federal authorities and have collectively agreed that any decisions on what will happen will be made when we have all of the information.”

Someone spray painted the pregnancy center April 15. Among the words painted on the Thurston Street building was the phrase “Jane’s Revenge,” but officials have not stated whether the pro-abortion group was involved.

“The investigation remains ongoing as to any connection between this incident and any larger organization,” said Dobson.

Other phrases spray painted include “Abort God,” “Fund abortion” and “Fake clinic.”

The police department asks anyone with information call them at 419-352- 2571.