Five cell phone charging stations available in Union


Steven W. Echard

Brandon Diemeke, a freshman communication major, charges his phone on the charging station next to Marco’s in the Union. He said they are cool and helpful if you need to charge your phone.

Reporter and Reporter

Students may no longer have to worry about their cell phones dying while eating, hanging out with friends or working on homework at the Union.

The Union now has five charging stations throughout the building that can charge almost any kind of cell phone.

The permanent stations are located in the Falcon’s Nest near Marco’s Pizza and in the third and fourth floor lounges, said Patrick Nelson, director of Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

There are also two portable stations, which are currently located in the clock tower lounge on the second floor and the old greenery, but will be moved throughout the building for other events, Nelson said.

“We looked at the biggest gathering areas as a place for putting the permanent ones,” he said. “We have a couple that we can move around if there is a particular event or something that we want to have a charging station near by.”

Nelson discovered the idea for charging stations after attending the National Association of College Auxiliary Services conference this past fall.

Charging stations are popular in public places, such as airports, Nelson said.

Some other universities have begun to use the stations. The stations at the University were designed by the Union media team, which partnered with a company called Quick Boost, Nelson said.

“It’s a very affordable and simple device, and we wanted to have a nice clean look that was all about BGSU and not necessarily looking for an advertiser to provide it for us.”

Junior Rachel Stepowoy found one of the charging stations convenient for her iPhone 5 one night while waiting for her order at Marco’s Pizza.

“I think it’s in a very convenient area,” Stepowoy said. “I was waiting for the pizza I ordered from Marco’s … My phone was dying and I was so grateful to have the opportunity to charge my phone while I waited, even though I have an iPhone 5. I didn’t expect them to have a charger for me.”

Sophomore Josh Hoke, however, has some concerns about using the charging stations.

“I wish there was a better way to secure your phone because I am afraid to leave it there,” Hoke said. “If you aren’t right next to [the charger] it’s easy for someone to walk off with your phone.”

Although Hoke has some concerns, the chargers allow him to easily charge his phone between classes.

“I think they are the greatest things ever,” Hoke said. “I no longer have to carry a charger around on a long day.”

The Union is currently the only building on campus with the cell phone charging stations.

“At this time we just installed additional power outlets throughout the seating area in [Dunkin Donuts], no need to place charging stations,” said Michael Paulus, director of University Dining Services, in an email.