Founder of Konkrete Jungle stepping down

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Konkrete Jungle has evolved into a widely-known electronic music get-together in Bowling Green since it began at the Cla-Zel in 2010.

However, alumnus and founder of Konkrete Jungle DJ Brian ‘What the Bleep’ Scavo decided to take on a different role for the event. Scavo currently runs everything himself but now will be promoting, marketing and working the social media for the event.

The electronic music event hosts DJs from around the country, as well as international musicians involved in the underground scene. Scavo hosted these DJs to perform because of how the musicians understand the underground scene, he said.

Scavo said he wants the event to be about the music and environment instead of being solely about himself.

“When I first started the event, it was about me being the face of it,” Scavo said. “I don’t want the scene to revolve around me and I want to give people the opportunity to experience a culture that is open and welcoming to all walks of life.”

Scavo started DJ’ing when he was 16 and began to perform at venues in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas. He said after becoming engaged in the electronic music scene, it changed the way he presented himself.

“It’s defined my life purpose, changed my values and helped me figure out who I was,” Scavo said. “Everybody needs a passion and I wanted to pass that on.”

With the support of Ammar Mufleh, owner of Cla-Zel, Konkrete Jungle was born. However, it took time to get to the point of where it is now.

Mufleh has been involved with the electronic music scene for many years in places such as Detroit, Mich., Chicago, Ill. and others around the world. He said he saw Scavo’s passion and love for music and wanted to keep helping the DJ promote an event which would showcase the underground culture of electronic music to the Bowling Green community.

“Brian is a hard-working person and has confidence in music,” Mufleh said. “He’s going to keep helping us find talent and the event will still consist of DJs performing. He’s just stepping into a new role.”

DJ Corey ‘foi oi oi’ Trimmer performed at Konkrete Jungle and said he instantly felt the positive reception from the crowd. The community is what made Trimmer want to perform at the event, he said.

“Brian has a focus on educating people on the scene and culture of electronic music,” Trimmer said. “The scene has definitely grown and he just wants to enlighten younger people on the music.”

Now that Scavo is taking on a less-dominant role with Konkrete Jungle, there will be more managers and filled positions to handle the event. Scavo said this is going to help and is for the best, because he will no longer be the main focus when people think about Konkrete Jungle.

This was his intent for the past three years.

“I like being the person that makes things happen,” Scavo said. “Konkrete is playing a unique special role to people here and I want the music to stand on its own.”