Student remembered for charisma

Reporter and Reporter

As Michael Septaric drove back to his home in Port Clinton after visiting his son’s roommates in their off-campus apartment, memories flowed through his mind, which he will treasure forever.

Michael will treasure these memories about his son, Frank Septaric, because of Frank’s unexpected death, which occurred on March 19 in Bowling Green.

Frank was a senior psychology major at the University and his family and friends remember him as someone who wanted to help people and to make other people laugh. Michael said even though his son was a joking person, he was “extremely driven” at everything he set his mind to.

“He enjoyed his time in college,” Michael said. “He always liked his friends and being around people his own age.”

When Frank wasn’t trying to get an internship at the Children’s Research Center in town, he was promoting electronica music for React Detroit, an online event management company.

Zach Hunnell, friend and junior, knew Frank for three years and said Frank would always get free tickets from React Detroit from promoting so many shows that he would go to a lot of shows by himself and would instantly become connected with people from working for that company.

“He was just a sociable guy,” Hunnell said. “He met people so easily and just fit in with the music scene so well.”

He had a love for his Pitbull, Gucci, which he wrote “Gucci has rule over you” on a piece of paper taped to the front door of his friends’ apartment.

“Whenever I see Gucci, I see Frank,” Hunnell said. “His dog meant everything to him and I’ll always think of him every time I see Gucci.”

Hunnell also said Frank had a passion for music.

The passion turned into DJ’ing at parties in town and attending many concerts ranging from a show in Detroit or to an electronica show in Las Vegas. Frank had a history of loving music as he was in a metal band in high school, and when he wasn’t speeding in his car through town, he was constantly focused on his music, Hunnell said.

“He liked to drive fast and he liked his music loud,” Hunnell said. “I remember going up to his bedroom and things would be falling everywhere because he always kept his music really loud.”

Jessie Brooke, a junior and close friend of Frank, said Frank always had his mind set on helping people and trying to figure out how to make his own life better.

“He had big plans and big ideas,” Brooke said. “He wanted to become a counselor so he could find ways to help those with developmental problems.”

Brooke said he will always remember Frank as someone who would joke around just to brighten someone’s day, even if that meant impersonating his friends on a daily basis.

“He was always completely honest with you and he liked to see people laugh,” Brooke said. “He wanted to make sure that we were happy.”

Frank’s selflessness is something that will stick with Michael forever.

As Michael kept driving back home, he said he’ll never forget Frank or his will to make the world a better place.

“Everything I see reminds me of Frank,” Michael said. “He was my son and I’ll never forget him.”