Dance Marathon hosts musical competition at Cla-Zel

Reporter and Reporter

Dance Marathon hosted a “Battle of the Bands” Thursday night at Cla-Zel as part of the student organization’s year-long effort to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital in Toledo.

A total of four bands performed: Set the Stage, Forgetting Frank, Sins Like Scarlet and Hour 24, as well as hip-hop artist Mikey “Rosco” Blair and trio .Thraxx.

Emily Foster, entertainment chair for Dance Marathon, raised more than $200 in pre-sale tickets alone. The money raised will be used to supply children with toys and to help families who can’t afford health care, Foster said.

The organization decided to have the concert at the Cla-Zel instead of at Howard’s Club H, where it was hosted last year, because more bands performed this year. Dance Marathon emailed more than 80 bands all across Ohio and Michigan to find out who should perform.

“We just wanted to do a bigger event to raise more money and to get more people involved for a good cause,” Foster said. “We want to make this be bigger, and bigger and is a good way to get that money going.”

Tyler Verhoff, vice-president for Phi Kappa Psi, said his fraternity was asked to sponsor the concert for Dance Marathon. His fraternity’s philanthropies have raised money in the past for various charities and events.

“We want to help sponsor things for a good cause like Dance Marathon,” Verhoff said. “A lot of our student leaders were asked if we wanted to sponsor and we immediately said yes.”

Mikey “Rosco” Blair, a junior, performed first and has been playing for Dance Marathon each year since he was a freshman.

“It’s helping them out and if I can help them then that’s important,” Blair said. “It’s for the kids.”

Kramer Welkler, vocalist and guitarist for pop punk band Set the Stage, said this is the first time his band has played in Bowling Green and is always trying to give back to the community by playing in charity shows.

“We just did a benefit show for our friend Cody Young who got into an accident and is in a coma,” Welkler said. “We’re always trying to give back.”

Jack Meehan, freshman, attended the concert and said he was happy to attend a show for a great cause.

“There weren’t a lot of concerts in town, so it’s nice see some play,” Meehan said. “I’ve always liked music and thought it would be fun tonight.”

Foster said Dance Marathon was able to get two more acts this year compared to last year’s show and brought in a larger crowd.

“We wanted a legitimate sound board and we love the venue,” Foster said. “It’s big enough for people not to be crowded. It’s a good venue for ‘Battle of the Bands.’”