Etiquette dinner brings opportunity for future employment

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Alumni came to the University on Tuesday, giving students a chance to network and look for future jobs.

The Student Alumni Connection hosted an etiquette dinner at the Union to both teach students social skills in a professional environment, as well as networking with alumni.

The event was previously two different events, said Wade Rhoades, president of the Student Alumni Connection. He said the etiquette dinner and alumni connection served some of the same purposes, so the decision was made to combine them.

“We thought we could take really strong events and make them one really, really strong event,” Rhoades said.

To attend the event, guests had to register online and pay a $5 fee for their meals. All the money raised went toward the Student Legacy Campaign, but was also used as a reason for people not to come just for a free meal.

“We sold it that way, but at the same time it was more so that way we know that you are able to attend without [essentially] ripping us off,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades said he wanted students to feel comfortable in a professional setting and make connections with employers, but the event also taught etiquette.

Before the dinner, there was a short lesson on etiquette, such as the correct way to shake hands and how to open a conversation.

One of the alumni was Don Robertson, who graduated in 1981 was interested in talking with students. Robertson got a degree in business and currently works for Frontier Communications.

Robertson said he liked being back at the University and seeing how it has changed.

“I’m happy to be back here as an alumni. It’s fun coming back and seeing a completely different Student Union,” he said.

He felt the event was positive for students because it helped them with job searching.

“There is probably a real opportunity for them to gain employment,” Robertson said.

Alumnus David Denison graduated in May and is currently working for the University as an admissions counselor and was invited to come by Rhoades.

Denison came because he wanted to meet new people and learn about them.

“I just hope to meet with same incredible BG students,” he said. “I love hearing people’s stories.”

Freshman Brittney Darah came to the event to get exposure with employers and was surprised with the quality of the event.

“It’s very fancy,” she said. “It’s well done.”

Senior Alexandra Miller saw the event as a good way to network since she’ll be looking for jobs soon.

“I’m graduating in May so I’m hoping to make some connections,” she said.