New antique store, Main Street Antiques in downtown BG provides a variety of affordable items

Amirah Adams and Amirah Adams

University students and faculty and community members now have a new antique store they can explore downtown.

Main Street Antiques is now open on Main Street in downtown Bowling Green.

“Owning an antique store has always been a thought in my mind,” said Shelley Zavaleta, Co-Owner of Main Street Antiques.

Zavaleta is a retired surgical nurse who has been buying and selling antiques for most of her adulthood.

“We have sold at Maumee Antique Mall, and still do,” Zavaleta said, “We have done several booths and showcases.”

The store sells various items, including furniture, pottery, folk art and decorative pieces.

Zavaleta knows the ins and outs of the antique business because her mother used to be an antique seller.

“I have been around antiques pretty much all of my life,” Zavaleta said.

This interaction with antiques helped inspire them to open the store,

Because her family members are life long residents of the city, opening the store in Bowling Green felt right to Zavaleta.

“Bowling Green is the perfect town to sell antiques,” Zavaleta said.

Both Shelley and her son, Ryan Zavaleta picked out the location of the store together.

“We were just looking for the right location,” Ryan said. “We knew that we wanted to be downtown.”

However, something more than just location convinced the Zavaleta family to choose that specific storefront.

The loading doors in the back of the store were really important when choosing the right building because they have big and small antiques.

“We have been rehabbing the building all summer,” said Ryan, co-owner of the store. ”We had free range to do what we wanted with the space.”

They own everything that is sold in the store and most of it was acquired through trade and barter.

“People stop by, bring in things. But about 80 percent comes from auctions and the rest come from private sales, house calls, things like that.”  Zavaleta said,

Everything in the store is one of a kind and based off of the owners’ specific tastes.

Some students think that Main Street Antiques would be an interesting place to shop.

“It sounds like something I would check out,” sophomore Bobbi Carter said, ”I know several college students who like antiques to put in their room and house, especially because it’s cheap.”

Although the owners began selling their pieces during the Black Swamp Arts Festival, they did not start keeping hours until October 1.

“We had a soft opening for the Black Swamp Festival,” Ryan said. “We practically sold down to the bare walls.”

Those who enjoy antique shopping now have the opportunity to see everything the store has to offer.

The store is located at 244 Main Street. Its hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.