Walk in service for New Health Center discussed during USG meeting

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Walk-in service and staffing were some of the concerns student body government brought up to Medical Director Nicholas Espinoza of the Falcon Health Center during its meeting Monday night.

Internal Affairs Chair Eric Juzkiw mentioned a personal experience he encountered when he was trying to go to the health center and couldn’t get attention; he didn’t have an appointment and the staff was busy.

“We want to have a walk-in track,” Espinoza said during his speech. “There may be some delay.”

Espinoza said the reason for this is because of a new records system.

“We now have electronic health records versus paper,” he said during his speech.

We also only have three full-time physicians and three nurse practitioners, Espinoza said.

“To get more timely, we need at least one more person,” he said.

President of Undergraduate Student Government Alex Solis asked about the relationship Espinoza has to the University.

“I do carry roles through both [the Wood County Hospital] and BGSU,” Espinoza said during the speech. “But a large part is being responsible to the students.”

Something new the health center is doing is an online portal, Espinoza said during the meeting.

“There is an online portal where you can access through your own email,” he said. “Test results can be accessed through this new portal and I think it will help everyone out, especially with different schedules people have and calling.”

Espinoza said he was excited to come to the USG meeting.

“There were awesome questions,” he said. “Access was the big question and we are … working with that.”

Solis was apart of the hiring process for Espinoza’s position and was happy with the meeting.

“His involvement, his transparency and his dedication with his job is amazing,” he said. “He is with Wood County Hospital but you could never tell, and we need this to fit with our campus and he is doing a great job.”

Solis was also impressed with how Espinoza handled the questions regarding accessibility for the students to the center.

“Eric Juzkiw had a personal problem and seeing that they already have seen the problem is impressive,” he said. “To see he is open to feedback is impressive.”

USG will be meeting again next week in the student Union room 308. They will be having Vice President for Student Affairs Jill Carr come and talk with them at 7:30 p.m. next Monday.