Downtown bar undergoes renovations, changes management, name from Sky Bar to Liquid

Many bars and clubs downtown are getting new looks and Liquid, formerly Sky Bar, is one of them.

Owner Douglas Doren said he had been planning to make the changes for more than a year and officially re-opened as Liquid several weeks ago.

Doren said it was time for a change and so they decided to renovate as well as undergo a complete management change.

The idea for the name came from a vision he had about the front entrance looking like a pool of water.

“It just seemed like a natural fit to complement the vision we had for that pool of water,” he said.

Doren said changing the name of a place is something that can really help a business.

“As you make drastic changes to a place, I think it’s important to have a name change,” he said. “It catches people’s attention and it gets their curiosity and changing your name allows you to kind of hit the reset button so people are very interested in checking out a place with a new name.”

Junior Brooke Burkhart said she has not been to Liquid since it has changed, but did not have a good experience when it was still Sky Bar.

“If it’s changed I’ll give it a shot,” she said.

Freshman Anissa Spitler said she will consider going to Liquid to see all of the changes that were made.

Spitler said when she went she thought some of the set-up was awkward.

“I didn’t like that everything was sectioned off,” she said.

As well as changing the name, the interior of the building has undergone some renovations.

“In the interior we stripped all the old lighting for the dance floor and replaced it with state of the art LED lighting,” Doren said. ”We also have a platform for people to dance on and on the bar side we added new booths and did a complete lighting upgrade on that side as well.”

The exterior patio was also remodeled to give it a new feel.

“We added swings and sand around the perimeter of the outside bar to give it a tropical feel,” Doren said.

Doren said there might be a few other renovations later on, but for the time being they are done.

Although many places in town have recently changed their names, it didn’t play a factor in the name change or the renovations to Liquid.

“I really didn’t have any idea these bars were changing names or ownership until this semester when they re-opened,” he said. “It’s just a coincidence.”

Burkhart said bars keeping up to date serves as a great business move.

“It’s cool that the bars keep up to date,” she said.

Since re-opening, Doren said the reactions to the new name and renovations have been very positive so far.