Dining halls change up menus, offer nutrition kiosks

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Dining Services will be shaking up eating options this year, as certain eating facilities will feature new equipment, specials and menu items.

“After looking at a combination of student feedback from satisfaction surveys, focus groups and recommendations from our Dining Advisory Board, implements to change certain things in the menus, service formats and brands were necessary,” said Mike Paulus, director of Dining Services. “Students will enjoy the changes because it is what they asked for and we want to please the students.”

Some of the changes incorporated in the menus will include Build Your Own Burger option, milkshake machines, personal pizzas and wing options, a food bar and iPad kiosks in each dining hall.

“iPads will be available for students to see what is the healthiest option and what ingredients are in the food,” Meyer said.

Meyer said the nutrition kiosks will include suggested links to websites for students who want to keep track of calories and meals. The kiosks will be in every dining hall and will include allergy and dietitian page options.

The Sun Dial will offer the B.Y.O.B., milkshake machine, food bar, personal pizza and wing options for students.

“‘B.Y.O.B.’ is an option for students who love meat to “Build Your Own Burger,” Meyer said. “They can make whatever kind of burger they want with buffet options to choose from.”

“Pie in the Sky” is the pizza and wing option where students can receive personal pan pizzas and wings with unlimited toppings and sauces of their choosing.

“We also are adding a structured bar called ‘Twisted’ that will be available and food options will change everyday,” Meyer explained further. “If someone doesn’t like what we are serving that day, this option may be what they crave.”

Students can also expect to see a coffee and milkshake machine called ‘F’Real,’ which is an option for students who can’t make it to Starbucks before class or the line is too long at Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Most college students enjoy coffee to help them through the school day, so this will help when they are in a hurry or need to wake up,” Meyer said.

Paulus and Meyer said they are always updating new things and changing things to meet the students’ needs.

“Menus and brands are always evolving and our students expect [the University] to offer the most contemporary of services available,” Paulus said.

Senior Jake Rogers, lives off campus and does not get the luxury of eating on campus with a meal plan like he did his first two years. He thinks these changes are just what students’ need.

“I wish this was offered when I was a freshman or sophomore living on campus,” he said. “I like that I can cook what I want off of campus, but I always like having a meal plan because it was fast and always there when I was hungry.”