Variety of study spots may help students focus

Studying is something some students may master during their time at the University.

However students prefer to study, if it is by themselves or with friends, there are places to study in town or on campus. Some students prefer to just do their homework in their room and some prefer to do it in the library but there are also coffee shops and bakeries downtown to study.

Grounds for Thought:

This popular coffee shop is located downtown at 174 S. Main St.

Grounds for Thought is known for its coffee and its relaxing atmosphere to do homework or just browse the Internet. It also has meeting rooms for students to work on group projects or for school organizations to meet, free of charge.

The Union:

One of the more popular places to study on campus is the Union.

The Union consists of three floors. The first offers the food court with a variety of food choices and tables to sit down to eat and relax.

The first floor also hosts the University Bookstore as well as a computer lab to do some homework after students finish eating. The second floor has tables everywhere in case the first floor is full.

“I enjoy studying at the Union because I feel comfortable enough to study there for hours if I need to,” said junior Maurisa Sanchez.

Myles Street Bakery:

Another off campus study spot is Myles Street Bakery, located at 434 E. Wooster St.

Myles Street Bakery is a café as well as a bakery. The café offers a variety of teas and coffees as well as fresh homemade hot chocolate. But what makes it such a great studying place is the calm atmosphere along with the free Wi-Fi.

“Myles Bakery’s assortment of drinks and free Wi-Fi makes it a great place to study in my opinion,” said senior and bakery employee Margaret Stroh.

The University Library:

The University Library can be a great place to study. The library has many resources: the Learning Commons for help in any class, books for classes as well as the seventh floor group study room.

The library has plenty of computers and printers so if you do not have a laptop, you won’t have to search far to work on a project or paper. The librarians there will help you look for any book or information you need for a paper or research project.

“The seventh floor of the library is my favorite place to study because seeing others motivated makes me that much more motivated as well,” said junior Hannah Leigh Losch.

At home:

Another option for students is in their room or apartment.

“I enjoy studying in my room the most because it is quiet and I can control what goes on in my room more than I can when I am somewhere else studying,” said junior Richard Hayden III.