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November 30, 2023

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Update, refresh your vocabulary with new terms invented, used by college students to describe what’s going on in their sexual, romantic relationships with others either online, after a night out

Dating can be a confusing roller coaster for many people, including the terminology and lingo that go along with it. Below are some of the terms that the staff of The BG News thought needed a more urban definition for those who don’t know what they mean. Enjoy.

Bases: The four bases in baseball represent how far a girl or guy got with their partner. First base means that the couple kissed. Second base means they touched each other above the waistline and third base means they touched below the waist. Fourth base, or home run, means they went all the way.

“Dude, I totally got to second base with that girl from chemistry class last night.”

Booty Call: A call or text that usually comes late at night where the goal is to get that person to come over and have sex.

Bro Code: A set of unspoken social standards that guys should abide by. For example, a Bro shall not say something lame in front of a woman.

Catfished: When a person pretends to be someone they aren’t using social media to deceive someone, usually when they want to date them.

Clinger: A person who is interested in someone, will not leave them alone and always wants to be at their side.

Facebook Official: A relationship is only official when it’s posted on Facebook that the two are together on their profile pages.

Falcon Flames: Two alumni or students from the University who get married.

Friends with Benefits: Two people who aren’t dating who have sex with each other and classify their relationship as strictly friends.

Going Dutch: When the couple splits the bill instead of the traditional way of paying. This includes everything from dinner to paying for a movie.

Hanging out and Dating: When two people are dating, that typically means they are strictly just with each other. When they are hanging out, that means that they are interested in each other but not monogamous.

Hickey: A mark/bruise that is usually on the neck but can be other places on the body too. When this is visible, the typical assumption is that this person had sex last night.

Hookup: Two people who are not dating get together and have sex.

Honeymoon Phase: The beginning stage of a relationship where the two people are completely smitten by each other and only can see the good things about the other person. They are always thinking and talking about the other person as well. The ending of this phase usually happens after the first fight.

Little Black Book: A physical or mental list a person makes of past, present or future partners that are of romantic or sexual interest.

Long-Distance Relationships: When two people are dating who live farther than an hour away from each other. They have to travel in order to see each other and commute very often. They also often make an effort to talk on the phone.

Necking: A more old-fashioned way to say making out or kissing passionately.

Player: A person who has romantic or sexual relations with multiple people at one time.

Sexting: When couples text back and forth things they want to do to each other in a sexual tone and sometimes include pictures of the naked body.

Significant Other: The person who another is dating and having romantic relations with.

Walk of Shame: After people hook up after a night out on the town, one person has to walk back to where they live wearing party clothes from the night before.

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