City restaurant to host live, local music

Pulse Editor and Pulse Editor

The Melt Shoppe will host more than fine dining and draft drinks throughout the warmer months.

The gastro pub is in its beginning stages to host live music on its outside front patio and on its inside area as well, every weekend throughout the summer. The music will consist of many different genres such as vocal jazz, acoustic and disc jockeys to perform as an added element to the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Owner of The Melt Shoppe Ammar Mufleh said the live performances will add as another way for people to socialize and eat food at the same time, rather than having the music overpower the atmosphere like that of a club scene.

“It will provide a laid back environment for people to engage in conversation,” Mufleh said. “It will be primarily on the patio so people can take advantage of the open air atmosphere.”

After being a disc jockey last week on the pub’s outside patio, Brian Scavo noticed people walking by on the sidewalk and just turning their head just to see what was going on. People are interested because “it’s something that isn’t happening downtown and they are curious to see what is happening.”

“The patio is awesome because it opens right up to the outside,” Scavo said. “But [on the inside] the music is going to carry really well and the background is going to change for the better for how people feel coming to the pub.”

But The Melt Shoppe isn’t only hosting music for itself. It will be contributed by the LiveWire series starting on May 22, every other Thursday each month.

Faculty Adviser and staff of LiveWire Stephen Merrill said he wanted to have the monthly event contribute to the downtown area and hosting events throughout the summer will work well to accomplish that.

“We want to keep the energy going through the summer time,” Merrill said. “You don’t need a lot of equipment to make a show work and to have a good time. It will be celebrating local music.”

Mufleh said there will be different themes for each night that the music will match to bring a cultural experience to those attending.

“We will have recipes that will align with the music,” Mufleh said. “It will infuse the fun. It will give people an alternative perspective and will work as part of our entertainment series.”

The live music at the Melt Shoppe is free to the public.