Conspiracy theories thrive where knowledge of science, critical thinking lacks

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You know you have had a painful day when Bill Nye’s destruction of Ken Ham isn’t the biggest head-shaker.

On Tuesday, it was my tragic privilege to learn that, just as Bill Nye suggested, we really are lacking in science and critical thinking.

For those who do not know already, Atlanta was recently hit by an abnormal snow storm that left the city and region shut down. Considering that this does not happen on a regular basis, the most cognitive stagnant members of society were quick to think outside the box.

A shockingly significant portion of the snowed-in population began to develop a unified conscious that suspected the irregular snow fall was, in fact, a government conspiracy to either poison everyone or use some form of mind control to shape the way people vote in the next election.

No, I am not joking. I am not exaggerating. I am not being facetious— yet.

Making this issue worse, these people go one step farther to suggest that this snow is, in fact, not actually snow but instead is either plastic or a bio-engineered organic material.

There are plenty of videos online of people making these outrageous claims. In these videos, you will find people attempting to burn snowballs with lighters or torches.

Their argument comes from the facts that the snowballs therein do not drip water and a scorch mark of sorts appears on the snowballs.

Snow is, of course, a form of precipitation that, among other attributes, has the ability to absorb liquids. As the snowballs in these videos melt, the water is simply absorbed in to the snowball until it reaches its saturation point and begins to drip. These videos, however, conveniently ended before the saturation point was reached—I know because there is a very visible cue.

Also, the “scorch mark” was merely the result of the chemical reactions that always occur within the flame. This soot of sorts appears with any flame but is easily recognizable amid distinctly white snow.

It is clear these people never tried letting the snow melt in a pan or even noticed that their hands were wet after holding it. This issue, however, is not what I am most disturbed with. If these people didn’t think the snow would melt, where did they think it would go when the temperature warmed up? I like to believe that even the most inept conspirator would be capable of devising a plan devoid of such an astounding shortcoming.

This, of course, is not the first time someone believed something to be a crazy government conspiracy. Many consider Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President Kennedy, as well as, the attacks on September 11 to all have been planned by the government.

When senior citizen Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon and America’s resident manly-man, was accused of taking part in the government conspiracy that we never landed on the moon, Buzz literally punched the wacko in the face.

This video is also available online.

Videos like the “Loose Change” nonsense wish to illustrate that the government planned the most perfectly conceived and flawlessly executed conspiracy of all time. However, our government is not even competent enough to run itself and literally shut down just last year.

Also, using actual science, every single claim in the first “Loose Change” video has been viciously and irrefutably destroyed.

The subsequent revisions of the video have been released in response to the absolute destruction of these people’s argument; yet they refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming amount of evidence in front of them that suggests that the people who confessed to these crimes, Al-Qaeda, actually committed them.

This attitude of ignoring evidence is precisely what Bill Nye was referencing on Tuesday.

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