City council discusses sidewalk repairs

Ashley Hardwick and Ashley Hardwick

Council members gathered to discuss important issues within the community on Sept. 2 at the senior center downtown.

Some of the concerns were cracked sidewalks, bike pathways, buying more salt for the upcoming winter and overall “being more aggressive” when it comes to reaching their goals.

Council member Bruce Jeffers was also mostly concerned about the damaged sidewalks and how they affect the community.

“As I walk around the city I’m bothered by the bad sidewalks and bumps,” Jeffers said. “I want to push for more aggressiveness and think about the city first.”

Third ward council member and President of City Council Mike Aspacher agrees the city should be the council’s first priority.

“My goal is always to get through the meeting without a major screw up,” Aspacher said. “No, no I’m kidding. I was anxious about the more in depth conversations about the revised sidewalks. I think we all agree about our sidewalks.”

The members of council are trying to resolve the problem by bouncing ideas off one another.

One suggestion is to find the worst sidewalks in town and address those first. Then next year another 50 or so sidewalks will be taken care of.

“If we had a top ten [bad sidewalks] that’d help us,” council member Sandy Rowland said.

A resident addressed the council in the hopes to find more volunteers for park funding on Sept. 10. She explained a 45-day campaign and encourages other residents to donate online at

The next meeting will be held downtown at the senior center on Sept. 15.