End of an era: Madisen Parker


Madisen Parker (1) – Photo by Stephen Linsky, Provided by Mike Cihon

Brandon Loe and Brandon Loe

Athletics is a constant cycle at every level from peewee to the pros. While anyone has the chance to participate in a youth sport at a young age, the higher the level the smaller the opportunity becomes. Only a handful of high school athletes will compete at the college level. One person in that handful is former BGSU women’s basketball guard, Madisen Parker.

Parker played her final games in a Falcons uniform this past weekend at the Women’s Basketball Invitational in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s rare for any athlete to get to go out with a win, but BGSU’s victory over Nevada allowed Parker to do just that. She ended her historic collegiate career with three three-pointers totalling nine points in BGSU’s 73-65 win.

Last season could have marked the end of the Madisen Parker era at Bowling Green but due to the COVID-19 pandemic she had been granted an extra year of eligibility to play NCAA basketball.

“Being offered a fifth year to play college basketball was a gift, and I thought about my options and quickly came to a decision,” Parker said regarding returning for this season.

Parker’s primary role this season was to come off the bench for Bowling Green, but her most historic season came in 2019-2020 when she led the entire country in three-point shooting percentage. Over a 31-game season Parker made 98 of her 204 attempted three-pointers for a .489 percentage.

“I worked really hard, I focused on the little things and just tried to be the best I could be,” Parker said, speaking on the historic season.

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While Parker served as a role player this season for Bowling Green she is highly praised by BGSU Head Coach Robyn Fralick both on and off the floor. “Great Player, better person” was just one of many positive things Fralick had to say about Parker.

Away from the basketball court, Parker focused on middle childhood education during her time at BGSU. She will return home to the Fort Wayne area to substitute teach this year and then look for a full-time position before the upcoming academic year.

Parker ends a career at Bowling Green as the all-time leader in career games played, second in three pointers made, and will live in the NCAA record books forever with the highest three point shooting percentage of the 2019-2020 basketball season. 

The list continues on beyond just these achievements and her historic career could point to a BG Athletics Hall of Fame nomination down the line. Parker said being in the BG Hall of Fame is something she’s never thought about before.

“My career has been my career, it’s been me doing everything I can to have a great experience and give my teammates a great experience,” Parker said, “If it happens great, and if not I know that I poured everything into my experience here and I know I’m leaving as a better person”.

Even though the Madisen Parker era saw its curtain call this past Sunday as she sported the number four jersey one final time. Parker will certainly be remembered long after her 149 games as a member of BGSU women’s basketball. As for the Hall of Fame nomination, only time will tell whether Parker will get to add Hall of Famer to her long list of achievements.