New semester, new dining options


True Burger

Nia Lambdin, Managing Editor

Over the summer, BGSU replaced various dining options in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union along with new additions and changes to the Oaks and Carillon.

The union now features Absurd Bird, Tú Taco, Houston Street Subs and True Burger replacing  Steak n’ Shake, Mondo Subs, Chickendippity and Ziggy Zaas Pizza.

True Burger is similar to Steak n’ Shake,  selling four specific types of burgers: American Bacon, Teriyaki, Southwestern and Vegan. With the burger, there is a choice for a side, these choices are fries, loaded fries and onion rings. 

Similar to Steak n’ Shake, True Burger sells milkshakes, but only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. 

Absurd Bird replaced Chickendippity and is again, similar. One can get grilled or fried chicken along with a side of fries. They offer a variety of sauces that could pique some burger fans’ interest. They serve BBQ, Buffalo Ranch, Comeback Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch and Sriracha Ranch. 

Bringing a little bit of Texas to the Midwest is Houston Street Subs, which replaced Mondo Subs. There are a variety of signature subs including Italian, Caprese, buffalo chicken, chipotle chicken and turkey. 

The newest addition is Tú Taco, which translates to your taco. This replaced Ziggy Zaas and provided a new dish to students’ dining options since tacos were not offered before. 

Though the BTSU has gone through many changes, Panda Express and Jamba Juice continue for another year. 

The BTSU isn’t the only dining area on campus to see changes this school year.

The Oaks was rebranded to the Social House @ the Oaks. According to BGSU Dining, “Social House will be an even better space for you and your friends to come hang out and eat!”

The Social House has free arcade machines, a cookbook and travel library and giant games like Jenga, Chess and Checkers to make the space feel more fun.

Carillon Place will no longer have the all-you-can eat style. Instead, it will have a new take out option from their new in-hall establishments.

In an email, BGSU Dining announced the new Meal Trade at Carillon Place and select markets. This trade gives students an entree, side, dessert, salad and drink.