City Council discusses signage and ambulance rates


Ken Taylor, acting city planning director, announced today that any signs in the public right-of-way will be removed by the city.

The signs will not be destroyed, but taken to the city administration building where they can be picked up, Taylor said.

Signs, political or commercial, cannot be in the area from the sidewalk to the street, or 15 feet from the pavement in streets without sidewalks, he said.

Ambulance rates

The cost of ambulance services could be increased as legislation passed its second reading Monday night at city council.

“It’s a way to offset the increasing costs on city for the services provided,” said Daniel Gordon, First Ward council member.

The city made its recommendations based on rates of cities in the surrounding area, said Municipal Administrator John Fawcett.

The current cost of ambulance transportation ranges from $300 to $550 and the proposed rates will range from $500 to $600, according to the legislation.

It also creates a new fee for ambulance services provided without transport to the hospital for $50.

“If firefighters are responding and doing a service, the person receiving the service should be compensating,” Fawcett said.

Instances where service may be provided without transport may be if someone with diabetes has an incident and needs glucose and is provided medical treatment, he said.

However, the fee doesn’t apply to instances where someone has fallen and needs help being picked up depending on the size of the person or the circumstance since no medical treatment is being provided, Fawcett said.

The fee can also be reimbursed by medicare, Gordon said.