University sophomore will perform at the Black Swamp Arts Festival

City Editor and City Editor

The Black Swamp Arts Festival won’t be the only entertainment offered to the community this weekend. Local venues will also be hosting performances as well.

Sarah Cohen, owner of Happy Badger Cafe, said her business will be hosting music acts ranging from the BGSU Jazz Quartet to the BGSU Taiko Drum Ensemble to various local artists throughout the weekend.

Cydni “Cece” Chery will be one of those performers.

The University sophomore said she’s been into music for about seven years when she started guitar lessons and sang in the choir at school.

While she is performing solo this weekend, Chery used to be a part of Dark Gypsies, a project she started with two other friends and played shows in the area.

The band eventually broke up due to one member graduating and moving back to New York, but that didn’t stop Chery from continuing on with music.

“Now that she’s gone, I am going to do my own thing and see where it goes,” Chery said, who classifies her style as acoustic soul and draws inspiration from past relationships, love and heartbreak.

Prior venues Chery has performed at have been at Howards and Grumpy Dave’s Pub.

“Performing is just the one time I get to be myself, it’s the one thing I care about and it makes me happy when people enjoy my music,” she said.

Chery will be performing at happy Bagder Cafe on Saturday at 2:15 p.m.

To check out Chery’s music, visit