Machine Gun Kelly gets audience to ‘lace up’


MGK performed Saturday night at the Stroh Center

Headbanging, jumping, climbing and “lacing-up” all describe Machine Gun Kelly’s return to Bowling Green on Saturday night.

MGK knows how to put on a good performance and his show at the Stroh Center was proof of that.

Dylan Marzec, a freshman at the University of Toledo, said he thought the show was crazy.

“MGK is definitely one of the best live performers,” Marzec said. “It was actually the first time I’ve ever been in a mosh pit.”

Ryan Francetich, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, decided to take a road trip to Bowling Green with his cousin to see the show.

“I’m not a big MGK fan, but he can put on a good show, that’s for sure,” Francetich said.

The show wasn’t a sell out, but Banan Alkilani, the director of marketing at Cla-Zel Theatre, said the show was a success.

“We did really well and we had a good turnout considering it was pre-album release concert,” Alkilani said.

MGK’s upcoming album “Lace Up” will release Oct. 9.

“Everyone was really excited about the show and MGK gave a really good performance,” Alkilani said.

Alkilani said Cla-Zel Entertainment did the production for the show by designing the stage to meet the Disorderly Conduct Tour style.

The stage included a fence around the sides, a blow up doll and street signs, and MGK used all the props to his advantage.

“He loved the set up of the stage,” Alkilani said.

Marzec said he thought a lot of the people at the show were from Ohio, but not necessarily from around Cleveland.

“I think they were from all over the state. I know we met some people who were from Findlay and I’m from Toledo, so it was pretty statewide,” Marzec said.

Marzec said he’s been listening to MGK since the mixtape “100 Words And Running” that released in 2010. He enjoyed MGK’s performances of “Hold On” and “Wild Boy” Saturday night the most.

Francetich said he liked MGK’s performance of “Her Song.”

“The show overall was pretty awesome and it was definitely wild,” Francetich said.