The Iry releases second album

Alissa O'Neill and Alissa O'Neill

Returning to Nate and Wally’s in Bowling Green this Saturday, Columbus band The Iry has a lot to celebrate since their last visit to Northwest Ohio.

Stefan Schwartz (lead vocals and piano), Jordan Lothes (drums), Gregory Hewes (guitar), and Chris Williams (bass and back-up vocals) have been busy since their last show in Bowling Green last September. In that time, the four guys who make up The Iry have finished their second album, “Dinner For Two On the Moon,” and released it with a party in New York City.

The Iry played a showcase at the Delancey Bar and Nightclub in New York City last weekend and then ended their premiere night with an EP release party held at The Volstead, which was sponsored by Absolut Vodka. In addition to their sponsorship from Absolut, The Iry has also garnered other big-name supporters such as Yak Pak, who is outfitting the band with a lifetime supply of guitar cases and straps, and a rising fashion designer, Nary Manivong.

Even in all of the limelight, Schwartz says that it’s still about the music.

“No gimmicks, no image and no abbreviated song titles ” we are simply here to save popular rock music,” Schwartz said.

The band’s sound is a mix reminiscent of The Killers and Coldplay, which meshes to create catchy, upbeat songs you will find yourself humming hours later. The Iry continues this legacy of piano-based pop rock that keeps their fans coming back for more with “Dinner For Two On the Moon”, which the band worked on with producers Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R) and Ted Comerford (Zox, Army of Me, Red Wanting Blue).

Each track on “Dinner For Two On the Moon” features honest lyrics and striking piano melodies mixed with rock guitar, but each track still manages to stand out in its own respect.

“Blackout” is one stand-out track on the newly released EP that displays The Iry’s talent for mixing piano and rock guitar. The song features an ongoing piano lead that fades in and out between the guitar and drum melodies, which blends perfectly to support Schwartz’s voice.

The entire album blends together flawlessly, each song acting as a piece to complete and hold together the final puzzle.

The Iry is certainly living up to the praise given by Jordan Loewen of Fresh Air radio in the United Kingdom when he said that he had “never encountered a band so young, so talented and so intelligent.”

“The Iry are simply breaking every stereotype associated with talented musicians,” Loewen commented. “In regards to the future success of The Iry, it is not a question of if, but rather a question of when.”

To hear this up-and-coming band’s new, refreshing sound visit their MySpace page at or the band’s official Web site at “Dinner For Two On the Moon” is also available for download on iTunes. Be sure and check them out at Nate and Wally’s on Wooster Street this Saturday, March 22 at 10 p.m. (they will have copies of the EP there).