Forget the guns – should BG Undead even be on campus?

We’re for universities as a place where ideas collide, and where from that collision you learn something new.

This collision is totally different from the one where a zombie, in hot pursuit of a human, upends us on the way to class.

BG Undead – they of the humans and zombies – has raised quite a fuss this week about the University barring them from using Nerf guns in their game.

Parents are concerned about any kind of guns on campus in the wake of shootings on college campuses. Tensions are high, and the University is understandably nervous.

Does that justify taking away bright yellow-and-orange Nerf guns? BG Undead is convinced it doesn’t.

We’re not sure. But we think this “controversy” is only hinting at another question BG Undead needs to answer: How old are you?

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. But on what grounds can they possibly justify playing this game on a university campus? How does it contribute to their – or our – education?

Does it contribute to self-expression? Creativity? Political protest?

We’re really struggling for justifications here. Please, help us out and maybe we’ll be more passionate about your toys.

You might say, “well, shouldn’t we ban ultimate Frisbee or playing catch? Those don’t have anything to do with learning either!”

Very true. But none of those activities intrudes into our ability to learn like BG Undead.

No one plays Frisbee in Olscamp’s hallways. BG Undead runs by us, startles us and distracts us.

So we think the burden of proof is on BG Undead.

Distractions aren’t always bad. Sometimes we get distracted by really important things.

But sometimes we need to get rid of the distractions that aren’t so important.

Where does BG Undead stand?