Police remove fraternity from house

Members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity have been removed from their house at 609 E. Reed St. for repeated violations of their small group living agreement, the Greek housing contract and the Student Code of Conduct.

They were asked by the Office of Residence Life to vacate the house, located north of Offenhauer Towers, on Jan. 11. There are six men in the fraternity, and three of them live in the house. Those three men were moved by the University to Chapman Residence Hall, and one has signed an agreement to stay there the rest of the year.

This move is pending the results of a police investigation into suspected use of controlled substances.

Sgt. Dick Gullufsen, campus police information officer, said that on Jan. 8 the Office of Residence Life filed a complaint. Officers with a warrant searched the house, and found a ‘leafy green vegetation type substance,’ several razors, a bag with a brownish crystal substance and a scale.

If results of the police investigation show the members are not at fault, they will be allowed to move back into the house under new conditions. If they are found to be at fault, the house will be allocated to a Greek chapter which does not have an on-campus house. That would take place in March.

‘The main thing is that they must take care of the facility. The University put forth a large effort to keep it up, and it was continually trashed,’ said Jeffrey Waple, the associate director of Greek Affairs.

Some of the offenses included lack of care for the facility, structural damages, and improper checkout. According to Waple if a chapter does not follow its housing agreement, the University is able to remove its members.

‘It’s a privilege for a Greek chapter to live in a house on campus. They should keep it in order, because if not, there are several Greek chapters that will be willing to do it instead’ Waple said.

Greek housing troubles are not new to the University. The Delta Upsilon chapter lost its housing last May and is now housed in Conklin North. Waple stated that the Alpha Xi Delta sorority and Delta Tau Delta fraternity are also on housing probation.

Members of Kappa Alpha Psi were unable to comment due to the ongoing police investigation.