“The Hills Have Eyes”

Another week another horror film remake, but at least this one manages to be much better than any of the other ones recently released.

“The Hills Have Eyes” is a remake of the 1977 cult horror film by famed horror director Wes Craven, about a family who is stranded in the middle of the desert and terrorized by the locals who have been mutated as a result of nuclear testing, and have since resorted to cannibalism.

This film would be a lot better if it weren’t for the fact that it follows all of the same horror clichés that have been seen in nearly every horror film over the past 20 years.

“The Hills Have Eyes” shines though in maintaining the same no-holds-barred attitude from the original; no one here is spared from the wrath of the locals, who go to all lengths to kill every member of the stranded family.

Director Alexandre Aja uses the same directing style from his 2003 film “High Tension” in his American directorial debut (“Haute Tension” was the original French title of the movie).

Despite the rampant clichés throughout the movie, “The Hills Have Eyes” is both entertaining, and disturbing, in much of the same sense the “Saw” movies were over the past couple of years. While it’s not going to be an all-time classic, “The Hills Have Eyes” is worth it for the two hours of entertainment that it offers to its audience.