Couch potato rants: commercials and ‘Idol’

Pamela Kniess and Pamela Kniess

The average person typically needs to hear something nine times before being able to fully recall it.

With that said, I was watching “Daredevil” on FX earlier this week and I thought I was going to puke if I saw another dumb commercial!

I think there is some time of requirement for big time net-works like NBC, ABC, TNT, etc. to have as many commercial breaks as possible.

However, I do not seem to find the same kind of repetitious boredom in the commercials aired on the smaller networks such as oxygen or lifetime.

For example, I tend to favor stations like HBO because it shows movies without hav-ing so many interruptions. For this reason I think HBO could quite possibly be the best station cable has to offer.

Now I real-ize that its a fast and easy way to advertise for your company because today’s society is so addicted to TV. But hearing the same commercial at least nine times becomes just a petty, statistical number.

During my entire hour of attempting to watch “Daredevil,” I was bombarded every five minutes by ten min-utes of annoying commercials that did nothing but make me want the movie to come back on or to shut off the TV com-pletely.

Throughout every commer-cial break I was being told what hair products to use, what car to buy or worst yet, what stupid upcoming reality TV show or soap opera was going to “wow” us with their next off the wall episode.

To me, every reality show seems to be the same basic story. So and so is dating this per-son; someone cheats; someone is pregnant; someone is doing something for money; or so and so mysteriously disappears and eventually comes back to find things are completely different.

Some of these reality shows get to be as dumb and annoying as the commercials.

Like, American Idol. Who cares if Beau can sing? Who cared about Kelly Clarkson singing? It’s basically an updat-ed, modernized version of Star Search with people trying to make a good impression and screwing up everything that’s great about music.

And besides, of all the American Idols out here, Kelly was the only one I’ve ever heard of actually doing something after the show.

And it’s my personal opinion to think that her music is lame. She’s just like every other pop artist out there, singing about the same crap, looking the same way and trying to give off the same kind of vibe to the people who actually take the time to listen to her. It sounds a lot like those boring, annoy-ing commercials that are streamed throughout TV.

It’s no wonder why our society is so screwed up since we all are social-ized to like the same things. It’s like we’re all being brainwashed and molded into being the same person.

For example, take a look at the people around you on campus today. You might notice that the majority of people tend to wear the same style of clothing, body wash, or fragrance; hair trends tend not to differ; and even accessories like the same style of sunglasses can be seen on more than one person at any given time.

Now what I want to know is whatever happened to people being unique individuals? I thought being unique was the “cool” thing to do, but appar-ently times have changed.

Diversity within people is what makes our relationships fun and exciting because our relationships reflect what simi-larities we have in common with other people along with allowing our own identities to shine through. It’s also gives us our ups and downs. It’s what causes our little or big fights between friends and our abil-ity to respect each other is what allows friends to stay friends.