Forensics team steps closer to national win

Using their 14-foot, 600-pound trophy from the Bloomberg Pennsylvania tournament as a back drop, the BGSU Forensics Team displayed their skills showing why they are contenders to become national champions.

The event hosted by Leah D’Emillio, former Face of Fox Toledo and former member of the BGSU Forensics Team, showcased speeches by members Stephanie Guigou, Suzie Sobieski and Jennifer Cole.

Already winning back to back league championships, Coach Paul Alday said this year they are setting their goals higher and aiming to win the national title tournament which will take place at the Central Michigan University.

The team will also participate in tournaments at Butler University, Montreal Canada, Cedarville University and The Ohio State University throughout the coming season.

“These kids put in hours that rival any football team,” said Michelle Baker, team president. “The people who you see here are the ones giving up their weekends to get ready.”

Some members of the team will even be giving up part of their spring break to attend one of the tournaments, she said.

With a victory in her last tournament, team member Sobieski said she has qualified for the Ohio Forensic Associations Finals next semester.

“I keep a book of examples that I hear in classes. This helps me keep my ideas so I can research and memorize them to use in speeches,” said Sobieski, who does limited preparation speeches.

In limited preparation speeches, contestants are given two minutes to compose a speech about a topic or idea based on knowledge they already have.

Teammate Lewis Smith was quick to point out the team is not all work and no play.

“We are hosting a pirate tournament on February 24. It’s a theme tournament where participants dress up as a pirate,” he said. “It’s really light hearted and is a good time. We wanted to have a pirates vs. ninja tournament but that got struck down to just a pirate tournament.”

Last year the team had a redneck round up tournament.

“It was a really nice and classy tournament except that the members were dressed up as rednecks,” he said.

With all the tournaments the team has traveled and competed in, the members have bonded in a similar fashion that sports teams do Baker said.

“Everybody thinks we just compete, but we are a cohesive team,” said Baker. “We are very close to each other. We are a small family. When you spend months straight with some one you cant help but to get close.”