Mayor proposes to end limits

Term limits for Bowling Green’s boards and commissions may be under review soon.

Before yesterday’s City Council meeting, Mayor John Quinn asked Council to consider drafting new legislation concerning the number of years a person can serve on a particular committee.

Rather than force dedicated members off their respective boards, Quinn proposed that term limits get the same treatment across the board – elimination.

Currently, 13 of the city’s 15 boards and commissions are subject to term limitations of two terms or 10 years, whichever is longest.

Only members of the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Public Utilities can serve as long as they wish.

John Newlove, for example, has been on the Civil Service committee for more than 38 years, Quinn said.

Terry Dunn, an at-large member of Council, said he believes it’s important to keep people like Newlove around.

“It helps to have people who can speak the language,” he said.

Quinn said it’s especially hard to lose a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals because a great amount of historical knowledge is essential.

Gordy Heminger, a representative for Ward 1, said he understands this point but thinks it’s important to give others the opportunity to serve.

“I’m always in favor of bringing in new people who bring in new ideas,” he said.

A compromise would be the best solution, Heminger said.

Council president Megan Newlove, John’s granddaughter, said Council will discuss Quinn’s proposal and think about possible legislation.