Indiana man shot after police chase

An Indiana man was shot and killed at Wood County Hospital last night after a high speed chase involving Bowling Green police and the Ohio Highway Patrol. Daniel J. Rice, 30, of Nappanee, Ind., had stolen a gray pick up truck at a gas pump at Barney’s Convenience Mart on 996 South Main St. After a store clerk reported the vehicle was stolen at 9:46 p.m., a Ohio Highway Patrol officer saw the 2002 Toyota Tundra heading south-bound on Interstate 75 and attempted to stop it. Rice refused to yield and eventually, headed north on I-75. The truck left the highway at the Bowling Green exit. Members of the BGPD placed spikes on Wooster Street in hopes they would halt Rice. He managed to get to Wood County Hospital at 950 West Wooster St., approximately 1.5 miles away. Upon arrival, police say he jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the emergency room. Rice told patients, staff and officers that he had a weapon. He stood over one patient and threatened to kill him, Hetrick said. Officers unsuccessfully tried to taser Rice. When he reached into his waistband area and continued to say he’d kill a patient, BGPD officer Alan Baer shot him in the torso. Doctors tried to revive Rice with no success and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Later, police discovered he was not armed. Bowling Green Chief of Police Gary Spencer said the shot was warranted according to division policy. If the person has the opportunity, ability and intention to harm those around him, it is considered a “good shot,” Spencer said. Baer, a nine-year veteran of the BGPD, is currently on paid administrative leave. Police believe Rice originally arrived in the area with another stolen vehicle. Although he never been previously charged with stealing a vehicle, Rice had a previous criminal record with fraud and drug charges, Hetrick said. He was also wearing an electronic monitor on his ankle.