DQ’s Blizzard is worth the encounter

Matt Manning and Matt Manning

Newcomers to the BG experience, whether freshmen, transfer students or faculty, need to beware of the Blizzard.

No, not the snowy abyss that has become a huge part of the winters here, but the serving size of the independently owned Dairy Queen that lies on Wooster Street.

Since its establishment in the 1940s, this local DQ has been giving customers more bite for their buck.

Owner Chip Myles said that being independently owned and operated allows them to make blizzards to the customers liking.

“It’s how you want to treat your customers,” Myles said, “It’s my choice [on the serving size.]”

Without the regulations of the franchise, things are a lot different for their restaurant, according to Myles.

“Basically I’m not part of their hot food system,” he said. “We have their ice cream; we carry it as long as they tell us too. We’re just part of the cold food section.”

Myles said people travel from Findlay and Toledo just to satisfy their sweet tooth with the restaurant’s hearty serving of ice cream.

Employees of the store said that customers are “pleasantly surprised” with the size, and they enjoy seeing the reaction of customers when they order large items off the menu.

“The best reactions come from old ladies when they want a medium blizzard,” said Brian Williams, a DQ employee, adding the shock value when presented the ice cream is always entertaining.

Williams added that he often sees people who order the mediums or large portions knock off extra ice cream in the parking lot.

“It’s awesome when someone comes in for the fist time and orders a large Blizzard and then the friend tells them not to,” said fellow employee Barry Kerr.

As far as going to another DQ, Kerr responded, “I’ll only eat at this Dairy Queen.”

The servings are so large that sharing a blizzard is often encouraged by parents who come into the restaurant.

One of the seasonal attractions to this establishment is the pumpkin pie Blizzard, which Myles started serving on Monday.

This original delight combines three guilty pleasures: a slice of pumpkin pie, ice cream and whipped cream to top it off.

In the first hours upon being served, this treat went through three whole pies, which is roughly 24 individual slices.

Myles said this Blizzard has become so popular they now serve it for four and a half months out of the year.

“Everyone has different tastes and I offer something individual enough that it makes it more attractive,” he said.

Despite the increase in other ice cream outlets like Marble Slab, this DQ hasn’t seen a decline in sales. In fact, they’ve seen an increase, Myles said.

He said the rise in individual ice cream intake and the new companies that are making their way into the ice cream market only raise awareness of the different ice cream choices.

Judging by the customer responses, this DQ offers something that keeps mouths happy.

“This is the best soft-serve in the state ” This DQ is far superior,” one customer said.