Hackett runs with no real substance

Is the Democratic Party undergoing a makeover right here in Ohio?

Is Paul Hackett, candidate for U.S. Senate, the prototype for this new type of Democrat?

He just might be.

A “small businessman who served his country,” Hackett comes prepackaged with a platform that includes a disillusion that the Democratic Party is the party of “limited government, fiscal responsibility, and strong national defense.”

Although Hackett conceded that this sounds like a Republican philosophy, it still remains a bit of a stretch.

It is his war service that provides much of the basis for his candidacy. He relies on the fact that the Democrats will be so thrilled to have a veteran running on their ticket that they will not care that he really contains no substance.

Hackett represents a growing number of Iraqi war veterans that have decided to run for office in order to change what they feel is wrong with their country.

Last Thursday, I attended a Paul Hackett “rally” being held at Grounds for Thought with a few of my activist Republican friends, thoroughly anticipating something exciting.

However, my excitement was not caused by the materialization of my anticipated disagreement with Mr. Hackett’s policy stances.

Although I pride my party (the one apparently hijacked by religious fanatics, according to Mr. Hackett) on never shying from a fight, I have to admit that the aforementioned excitement was a result of realizing that Republicans, particularly Mike DeWine, would have nothing to worry about in the event of a Hackett-DeWine face-off.

The truth of the matter is that Hackett could not solidly define any of his policy issues all night. His one solid stance was on gun control, where he sides with “us” – he is a member of the National Rifle Association and has a concealed carry permit.

Upon this admission, the collective sigh in the room was almost audible.

The Democrats might still be in search of the perfect candidate. Mr. Hackett’s idea of moderation (a reluctance to take a firm stance on anything, coupled with a conservative belief in the Second Amendment) might not quite match-up with the Democrats’ aggressively left-moving political agenda.

That doesn’t have any impact on the liberals in Hollywood.

Always quick to open their bulging pocketbooks for a “good” cause, Hollywood’s political eggheads (always the barometer of the leftist movement) are throwing a fundraiser for Paul Hackett. I’m beginning to think that if Hollywood is supporting Hackett, then I like the differences his primary opponent provides, even if he is a Democrat.

In a room abundant with college students, Hackett even tried to dodge questions on educational funding!

One of my conservative peers called him out on his stunning inability to answer a previous question regarding the issue, and instead of answering the question, Mr. Hackett turned the issue back around on the student.

A short while later, the inability to commit resurfaced – this time, regarding Iran.

(The good news is, if you cast a vote for Hackett, and we are faced with nuclear war with Iran, he might not do anything about it ” but just know that any lack of action on his part is because he deems military force a “result of political failure.”)

The war he fought in Iraq? According to Hackett, it’s basically pointless, it’s been over for a long time, and it’s time to bring the troops home. We’ve apparently accomplished all we can accomplish. So why is it that he promotes himself as one who fought for his country if he didn’t feel this was a justified war in which he was fighting?

Just keep your eyes peeled. The “Hack’s Back” bus might be in your town, especially if you live in Small Town, USA.

After all, if he can win Adams County and defeat Jean Schmidt, avid member of Ohio Right to Life (which, according to him, is a shining triumph against the morals of Ohio in one of its most conservative counties), then he must be on a roll.

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