Enrollment surpasses previous year.

BOWLING GREEN – Enrollment at the University has reached an all-time high again this fall, boosted by a record number of minority students and out-of-state students.

Combined enrollment at the Main and Firelands campuses is 21,132 students, up by 61 from the previous record of 21,071, set a year ago.

Among this year’s total are a record 19,108 students, including 3,023 graduate students on the main campus.

The University is also more ethnically diverse than ever. The number of new black students has more than doubled since 2003, reaching a record 491 this fall.

The first-year Hispanic student population is also at a new high of 157.

Furthermore, the population of out-of-state students has sky-rocketed. This year, 13.8 percent of the freshman class comes from outside Ohio. These figures are the largest in Bowling Green