Misfired bullet hits local home

Tim Sampson and Tim Sampson

A local man was shocked Friday night to find a bullet had ripped through his home.

On Friday evening, Sandpiper Street resident Mark Rubick came home to discover his 18-year-old neighbor William Lindsay had accidentally shot a bullet through his house. As he loaded and unloaded a recently purchased World War II-era Russian rifle, the bullet was suddenly fired off.

The 7.62 caliber round tore through the wall of Lindsay’s bedroom into the home of his neighbor, Mark Rubick.

The bullet entered through Rubick’s house, blasting through the interior wall of his daughter’s bedroom, shattering a desk chair, computer tower and doll house. It continued through a bedroom door, another wall, across the living room and finally stopped in the other living room wall.

Rubick called the Bowling Green Police Division after returning home at 8:51p.m. Lindsay was arrested and is being charged with failure to secure a dangerous weapon and for discharging a weapon. The rifle and 16 rounds of ammunition were confiscated by police.

According to police reports, Lindsay, a history buff, had purchased the antique rifle earlier that afternoon at Dunham’s Sports in the Woodland Mall.

Upon returning home, Lindsay took the weapon upstairs to inspect it. He accidentally fired the weapon while loading and unloading ammunition.

Lindsay’s parents, Richard and Melissa Mommers, heard the gunshot and went upstairs to find their son standing in disbelief with a cloud of gun smoke hanging in the air, according to police reports

Neither Mommers would comment on the incident.

Rubick said he was unnerved by the incident.

‘When you consider that my daughter could have been sitting in that chair it’s just disconcerting,’ he said.

Officer Cory Fairbanks, who was first to arrive at the scene, said it was fortunate no one was home at the time of the shooting.

‘It could have been real bad,’ Fairbanks said. ‘If someone had been sitting in the chair it would have ripped them clean in half.’