Gun control must be strengthened

The tragedy at Virginia Tech was the worst massacre of human life in Western world in decades. Sadly, this isn’t the only tragic violence to take place in modern history. The City of Philadelphia alone has had 115 gun-related murders SO FAR THIS YEAR. Recently, I came across a story of a Marine who had served two tours of duty in Iraq, who on his second week back from street of Baghdad was gunned down while standing on his porch.

Furthermore, the stories don’t end there. In Columbus, there was the case of a highway shooter, who for no apparent reason shot at people as they were driving by. And it wasn’t too long ago when we all heard about the ex-Marine, who felt he would take his target practice to the streets. This sad excuse for a human being murdered several innocent people as they were out minding their own business.

I heard one of the news reporters yesterday describe victims at Virginia Tech as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to this logic we should all just stay away from places like schools, post offices, office buildings, malls and any other public place where we might get in the way of one of these psychos who goes ballistic because he wasn’t hugged enough as a child.

There are only two ways to deal with this: option one: weed out anyone who might be a risk to others and put them in jail; option two: get gun control regulations that actually work. Since option one is not really politically correct, I’m afraid all we have left is strengthening our gun control regulations. I know this might be hard for anyone who is a devoted member of the NRA, but guys we are pretty sure the red coats are no longer a threat, and you don’t need an M-16 to go deer hunting.

The NRA and all gun apologists are no different than any other insurant thug in the third world who believes guns are the answer. Please call your congressman, beg them to stand up against organizations that support guns, and this gun-happy mindset which, can be summed up as mental disorder.

Naitik Vyas is a 2006 BGSU alumnus, [email protected]