Hot property: on-campus apartments open for reservations this week

Campus sponsored apartments are a convenient alternative to dorms and off-campus residences.

Monday was the first day juniors and seniors could sign up for on-campus apartments for the 2007-2008 school year, leaving freshmen and sophomores to choose from the remaining locations.

Today, registration is open to all BGSU students who have completed 25 or more credit hours. BGSU has leased five apartment complexes with a total of 400 spaces available.

The BGSU sponsored apartments include two person suites with one bath and one bedroom at 422 East Merry St. and six person suites with two baths and three bedrooms at 514 N. Enterprise and 451 Frazee.

BGSU has decided not to renew the lease on the Haven House apartments, located on Wooster Street adjacent from Lot 6, but due to the popularity of campus sponsored apartments, BGSU is picking up two more buildings at 524 N. Enterprise and 506 N. Enterprise.

Associate Director of Residence Life Nick Hennessy noted the benefits of having the apartments in one area.

“It’s a lot easier to have them in one location. Especially for the residence staff and things like mailing and deliveries,” he said.

This is the fourth year campus sponsored apartments are being offered to BGSU students. “They are very popular and they’ve filled up every time,” Hennessy said.

As a current resident of the Frazee apartments, Molly Manning, loves the independence, space, full kitchen, free digital cable and HBO, air conditioning and the laid-back atmosphere.

“Getting to live in these apartments as a sophomore is a nice transition between dorms and off-campus living,” she said.

Having different community living standards from the dorms also attracts many students.

“Meal plans are optional, and you’re allowed to have things like George Foreman grills or waffle makers,” Hennessy said.

The academic environment, which is promoted, also helps to maintain the popularity of the apartments. Hennessy describes the atmosphere as “Apartment style living with the services and support provided by residence life.”

Another advantage is not having to pay monthly rent.

“We don’t have to pay any monthly bills. We have a flat rate per semester, just like the dorms. Another bonus is you don’t have to worry about your roommates making rent,” Manning said.

Former resident of Haven House Julie Cabrera enjoyed her experience and also benefited from the lack of monthly bills.

“All bills were included. I didn’t have to think of how much money I had set aside for rent. Your bill is paid upfront so you don’t have to worry about anything,” she said.

One of the cons of the Haven House apartments is its lack of parking.

“It seemed like there were never any spots!” Cabrera said. “You had to catch it while it was hot.”

The lack of parking isn’t an issue for the apartments on the west side of campus.

“There’s so much more space available. We haven’t had any complaints,” Hennessy said.

One of the disadvantages of living on the west side of campus is the noisiness of the train.

“The train is 15 ft. from my window! It’s also a pretty far walk to campus, and we aren’t able to get commuter passes because we’re considered ‘on campus’ even though we aren’t,” Manning said.

BGSU tries to make the winter walks from the apartments a little more bearable through the campus shuttle system which offers an off-campus route that makes three stops along N. Enterprise.

Students interested in on-campus apartment living can check out the Office of Residence Life’s BGSU Web site which offers virtual tours as well as floor plans of the two different suites available.

For more information on campus sponsored apartments, contact the Office of Residence Life at (419) 372-2011 or e-mail at [email protected]

All campus sponsored apartments include:

1 couch

2 living room chairs

coffee table

2 end tables

2 table lamps

kitchen table ‘ 6 chairs (2 chairs in 2-person suites)




garbage disposal


1 dresser per resident

1 desk and chair per resident

blinds in every window

lofted bed (no commercial lofts permitted)

laundry facilities as arranged by apartment owner

all utilities: electricity, heat, water, basic cable ‘ WRSA Movie Channel

one local telephone service line and one voice mail box per apartment

high-speed broadband Internet access (DSL)


Residence Unit Rates Per Semester

Conklin North $1,950

Founders (Suites) $2,654

Harshman $1,950

Kohl Hall $1,950

Kreischer $1,950

La Maison Francais $2,263

McDonald $1,950

Offenhaur $2,465

Rodgers $1,950

Fraternity/Sorority $2,263

Apartments $2,198