This country should not be in Iraq

Oct. 10 (MCT) -This country is fighting a war it cannot win because it cannot beat a belief system where violence is the norm.

We cannot get involved in the world’s problems because we have too many of our own.

We cannot fight wars effectively on so many fronts.

We cannot call this war an issue over human rights when we have held prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since the beginning of the “War on Terror” and have passed laws that let law enforcement officials torture suspects.

We cannot fight this war when it has cost this country billions of dollars. We do not have a health care system and Social Security is going to soon be without funding.

The reason most people believe we should be there is to help the people of Iraq.

But what about our own people?

Should we just leave the people that fight for this country’s freedoms to die in Iraq?

The reason we have a military is to protect this country, not others.

During Hurricane Katrina there were not, and still are not, enough resources to actually make a difference.

The National Guard that was supposed to be there to help people during national disasters was in Iraq, or at least their equipment was.

If there is a war that we need to fight, it is the war in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan is still going on – the Taliban is gaining a foothold and there are not enough troops there to ensure a victory.

If we want to help the rest of the world there are a lot more needy places we should be.

We could be in Africa where most of its citizens are dying of starvation because of ruthless dictatorships.

We can go to North Korea – where this country might actually have weapons of mass destruction, a.k.a. a nuclear bomb.

The Bush administration made an error when going into Iraq. So, please President Bush get our troops and family members out of Iraq and back home where they belong.

Talon Marks is the student newspaper at Cerritos College in Norwalk, Calif.