Procrastination program offers tips

Students did not put off going to the program “Procrastination: A Hardening of the Oughteries” in the Union yesterday, but a few certainly procrastinated enough to show up late.

The First-Year Student Success Series, a program that helps first-year students transition into university life, presented a program on how to overcome procrastination.

“I find procrastination [to be] a big problem. It’s a college phenomenon,” said Barbara Mauter, presenter of the program and instructor in the Department of Academic Enhancement.

The program listed several ways to help students deal with procrastination. One way is to make a list of priorities and a plan to accomplish them for the day, and after completing the priorities to evaluate how well the plan worked.

Freshman T.J. Schauer, a self-proclaimed avid procrastinator, thought the idea of organizing his priorities was very helpful.

“I never really organized my life until now. I might start creating a prioritizing list,” Schauer said.

A similar program will be presented today at the Learning Fair in Olscamp at 2:30 p.m. and freshman Bianca Hicks thinks it is worth going to.

“It’s pretty informative. I learned a lot of new tips for better studying,” Hicks said.