Admissions department starts spreading the word

Sarah Colbry and Sarah Colbry

As spring semester starts, the undergraduate admissions department is once again in full force.

With so many institutions across the nation, Bowling Green State University has to get their name out there, and they have to make their mark.

“We’re out promoting the institution heavily September through November,” said Adrea Spoon, an admissions counselor at BGSU. During those fall months the University is mainly targeting high school seniors, but that is not to say that is the only group they are targeting.

“We do a variety of recruitment,” Spoon said.

Spoon will be making several one-week trips this semester to high schools outside of Ohio to talk to juniors who will be graduating in 2008. She will be attending college fair events at these high schools to get students thinking about BGSU as early as possible.

Admissions counselors don’t recruit as heavily outside of Ohio, but when they do travel out of the state, they promote certain education and sport programs the University has to offer.

Spoon talks with high school students about the theater, film, aviation, music and art programs, as well as several others, as these are the kinds of programs the majority of out-of-state students are considering. There are currently 12 admissions counselors who travel during the year to promote BGSU.

“Our main goal is to encourage a student to visit,” said Gary Swegan, director of undergraduate admissions.

Swegan said that since he started here in 1989 tuition has gone up somewhat each year.

“It really has been a challenge because Ohio is a high fee state,” Swegan said when talking about recruitment in relation to rising tuition rates. However, Swegan also said that percentage-wise, more students are going to college.

Prospective students can come to the University for a day of information sessions and campus tours to learn if BGSU is the right choice for them.

“It’s the biggest day we have,” Swegan said when commenting on the upcoming President’s Day open house, which is Feb. 19. This open house gives students and parents the opportunity to learn more about BGSU’s campus. They will be able to take tours of residence halls as well as sit in on classes.

When asked why he chose BGSU, Patrick Grayshaw, senior, said, “The quality of education [was important to me].”

Grayshaw is from North Olmstead, Ohio, and said he found the facilities and the idea of living on campus appealing.

“The traditional campus experience is certainly something we capitalize on,” Swegan said. He also said BGSU promotes its diversity of opportunity as one of several things that help to differentiate the University from others.

“We spend a lot of time trying to encourage them to come here,” Swegan said.