I-75 ramp temporarily closed after crash involving police officer

A Bowling Green police officer went to help a woman who’d run into a ditch on the northbound Interstate 75 entrance about 8 a.m. Wednesday when his cruiser took a hit.

According to Lt. Ken Fortney, Patrolman Jason Broshious parked his cruiser on the side of the ramp to assist the victim when another vehicle got on the ramp, lost control and hit his cruiser in the left bumper.

A wrecker came to help get the car out of the ditch soon after. A semi trying to drive around the wrecker crashed into that vehicle’s rear end.

There were no injuries, Fortney said, but the police cruiser did suffer minor damage in the left bumper.

The ramp was closed temporarily following the accident.

Sgt. William Bowers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said Lucas Rahal, 21, of Northfield Center, Ohio, who drove the vehicle that hit the cruiser, was charged with failure to control a motor vehicle.

Ice may not have been the primary cause of the accidents, Bowers said.

At the time of the accident, the roads were dry and snow was blowing across the blacktop.