New bar with new edge

One 49 North is place where people can sit back with their friends and listen to music, drink, play pool and fuzz ball.

A new bar opened in downtown last Thursday, across from the dance club Uptown.

“Every time we have a place that fills in a vacancy, it is always a positive thing for the city,” said Elaine Skoog, member of the Bowling Green chamber of commerce.

Skoog said it is good this establishment opened because it brings in jobs, people to live in the city and more business.

“Anytime a business moves into town, it shows a good indication of community growth,” Skoog said. “If a city has a lot of vacancies then it shows that the city isn’t vibrant.”

Rick Ault, the owner’s son, said his dad wanted a nice bar, in which he could look at and be proud of.

“This bar is something new for Bowling Green,” Ault said. “We are staying away from the rap music and the dance club scene.”

Ault said One 49 North bar is a place where friends can come to hang out and listen to music.

“This bar is place where the music isn’t too loud, so you can hear your friends,” Ault said. “Customers can also can come in to play pool, fuzz ball and play on the shuffle board.”

Ault’s father, Rick Ault, owns Kamikaze’s and used to own Whiskey Dicks, south of town across from Blockbuster.

“My father closed down Whiskey Dicks last Friday in order to transfer the liquor license to this bar,” Ault said.

But Ault said business was slow at Whiskey Dicks ever since some of the factories had closed down.

“Whiskey Dicks was a bar for blue collar workers to drink at after they got off work,” Ault said.

But the son and father are not sad to close it down, because Ault’s father always wanted to open up a bar in downtown, close to Kamikaze’s.

Ault said the One 49 North bar is very different from Whiskey Dicks and Kamikaze’s put together because of their special features.

This bar is very unique because it offers a VIP section for those who want to give parties.

“The VIP section is on a balcony in the bar and has four couches that faces the high definition flat screen televisions that we have,” Ault said.

The bar not only offers a place where friends can not just hang out but can eat bar food such as pulled chicken and pork.

“We utilize the kitchen that Skyline Chili used to have,” Ault said. “We have a menu that the customers can chose from, and they can sit in one of our numerous booths.”

In addition, Ault said the bar wants to achieve good service for the customers.

“Our waitresses must wear dress pants or skirts, no jeans,” Ault said. “Also, we serve our drinks with napkins underneath it.”

But even though the bar is something new for downtown, is also causes competition for surrounding bars and clubs.

Jeff Hobbie, owner of Uptown, is not at all worried about the competition.

“Any place that moves into the downtown area will cause competition,” Hobbie said. “The first week a new business is going to have ridiculous prices to attract a crowd.”

Hobbie said he is not worried because it is normal for a new business to have a crowd rush the first week.

“After the first week things will die down,” Hobbie said. “But we are not going to change anything about our club because they are a bar and we are a dance club.”