USB flash drive with 199 Social Security numbers is lost

A University professor lost a USB flash drive containing the Social Security numbers of 199 students from classes the professor taught 15 years ago, BGSU announced Wednesday.

The flash drive also contained names, grades and P00 #s – but not Social Security numbers – for roughly 1,600 other students.

The drive belonged to David Albrecht, an accounting professor. He used it to store course syllabi and other information for his classes, according to a news release.

The University is offering to pay for one year of services from LifeLock, an identity theft prevention company, for the affected alumni.

BGSU stopped using Social Security numbers to identify students in 1992, the first year of records Albrecht kept on the drive, the release said.

Officials stressed that the University’s computer systems were not hacked into.

Albrecht’s current and former students who want more information can call a special hotline at 1-800-747-7772.