Finally, a break for University students

The BG News applauds the coordination of the state and the University for making things just a bit easier on students for the next two years.

Next year, for the first time since 1995, there will be no tuition increase for the students at BGSU, according to the Office of Finance and Administration.

We feel that it was about time that the state realized that college was nearly becoming a pipe dream for many students. Recent exposure to student loan scandals and ever increasing tuition rates are enough to bring any potential college student to tears. If the world demands that people get a college education, how do they expect us to pay for it?

We also appreciate the state’s devotion to helping students when it comes to student loans.

If tuition is not eased by the state, then the only other alternative for poor students is getting private loans. If, however, private student loans are found to be cheating students, the financial futures of millions of college students can be explained in one word: bankruptcy.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization,” and in the case of higher education, we think he is correct.

When college students learn, they do not only benefit themselves in their financial futures, but benefit everyone in society with better awareness, more educated voting and a job that benefits the country in its quality.

Of course, the job only benefits the country as long as there is an American worker to do it – and thanks to this tuition freeze, there might be more chances for an American to train for one of those jobs.

So, we thank the state, and the University, for aiding students this year, for reversing a ten-year trend, and for investing in our future.