TV host shares how to travel the globe without breaking the bank

Five dollars. From Tijuana to Timbuktu, Leon Legothetis has traveled the world on this meager allowance for his reality show ‘Adventures of a Nobody,’ now on its third season on Fox Reality. The rules are that he is not allowed to save up from day to day, there is no rollover and the people he meets on his journey are not allowed to give him money, only food. To say that Legothetis ‘budgets his money’ would be an understatement, but he offers useful tips for spring break trips when dining on a dime. Bald, British and charming, he knows how to woo an American for a hot meal. Q: Do you think $5 a day is realistic for the average person? A: Probably not. But in saying that, I think it’s realistic to travel on a very low budget. It is very feasible and certainly, having cameras around take away people’s fear. Q: What are some quick tips for people traveling on a tight budget? A: If you’re going overseas, instead of taking your cell phone, get prepaid phones. American students that go to Europe take their phones and when they get their first bill after the first few months they’re like ‘What the hell?’ The charges for that are enormous. Q: Isn’t it a tad dangerous to rely on the kindness of strangers? A: I think Americans are far more kind hearted and generous than in Europe. But the culture in America is different that way. Yeah, I get scared, though. I’ve got this sixth sense for people now because of it. I met this guy in a bar who said that I could stay with him, but my crew and my cameras weren’t allowed to come. And he wouldn’t tell me where his house was. I didn’t end up going with him, but I approach people who I feel will be willing to help. Q: Are you saying that Americans are nicer because this is going to be in a newspaper in America? A: No, I’ve said this on the BBC, I really believe that. Q: What kind of planning should be done before leaving for a big trip? A: Check or for cheap tickets. My personal planning is zero, literally zero. If I sat down and thought about what I was doing, like traveling from Paris to Moscow, it would be so overwhelming that I wouldn’t do it. Q: Tell me what you can’t travel without. A: Three sets of clothing, and that’s it. Well, I guess I take a toothbrush and toothpaste, too. Q: How in the world did you get this show? A: I first watched the movie ‘The Motorcycle Diaries,’ and it changed my life. I had a friend who was an independent TV show producer so I did the whole thing for a very little amount of money, and then I went around and tried to sell it to television stations in London. Q: What should college students avoid doing when they travel? A: Don’t take lots of cash in case you get mugged, because that’s life. This sounds silly but its simple, don’t lose your passport. Be conscious of your belongings. Also, be respectful of other people’s cultures, don’t draw any unnecessary attention toward yourself. Just bear in mind that people do think things differently than you so don’t disrespect the locals. Q: Any horror stories or other things to look out for? A: Polish taxi drivers. If you get in a cab and find that Martin is your driver, get out right away. Martin is the king of Polish taxi drivers and has no regard for your personal safety.