Save University hockey

I was devastated when I recently heard the University is talking about dissolving the hockey program. I urge students currently attending the University to think about the loss of tradition which would result in such a tragic decision by the Board of Trustees. I am a second generation Falcon on my dad’s side and third on my mom’s. Furthermore, many members of my extended family have also matriculated at the University. Bowling Green is a tradition in my family, just as CCHA Hockey is a tradition at the University. It would be a crime to eliminate the program. Additionally, my husband proposed to me at a Falcon hockey game. He arranged to have Freddie and Frieda Falcon skate around the ice during a hockey game with signs of his proposal. It was one of the best memories I have and it took place at the University Ice Arena. Taking this program away would prevent memories like this from occurring again. President Obama is fixing the country’s problems by throwing money at them. I don’t agree with his tactics when it comes to banks and the automotive Industry; however, for years I have thought what the Bowling Green hockey program needs is a kick in the pants or a boost to its wallet. It desperately needs an updated arena and locker facility – something the student athletes can be proud to call home and something the coaches can brag about to potential recruits. We don’t need to dissolve the program to help budget issues; we need to repair the shortcomings in order to earn revenue from this program once again. How can you turn away from traditions and names that the program has produced, such as Ken Morrow and Mark Wells, members of the gold medal winning 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team? George McPhee and Brian Holzinger were Hobey Baker Winners; George was the first member of the CCHA to win this honor and the second recipient in the award’s history. Nelson Emerson is currently a coach for the LA Kings and Rob Blake plays for the San Jose Sharks. Dan Bylsma is interim head coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Without the ice arena, where would hometown hero Scott Hamilton, Olympic gold medalist skater, be today? Please consider the next Ken Morrow, Mark Wells, George McPhee, Brian Holzinger, Nelson Emerson, Rob Blake, Dan Bylsma and even Scott Hamilton before you make such a drastic change to the school’s history. Consider future generations and their future traditions, please encourage the administration not to not eliminate University hockey and do what needs to be done for it to maintain its historic status in the CCHA. Please save BGSU hockey! -Ann Marie (Baty) Jackson Ann Marie is a University alumna who graduated in 1992 with a degree in interior design.